Ultrasonic cleaning now available!

ultrasonic cleaner

Our ultrasonic cleaner brings a whole new level of performance for cleaning records.  Forget any other method, this is state of the art, nothing better.   We can clean your records while you wait at a cost of $4 with a new poly inner sleeve supplied.  There is no better method of cleaning vinyl records!!  Most of the noise like clicks and pops that you hear on some records is dirt or static.  Marks generally don’t make much noise (unless they are deep scratches)  but dirt, dust and static that you can’t see certainly do!!  This process removes 99% of the dirt, and all of the static,  not only making records much quieter in playback but also greatly improves the sonic performance of the record! Check out the process here  https://youtu.be/nmCukVdfZTM and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMbsjHuZ5rY